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Our Vision is to become a leader in supplying quality products to HVAC and

Refrigeration market.

Who we are

We are the distributors of varied range of HVAC & Refrigeration systems products from reputable suppliers and manufacturers, both local and international

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide comprehensive solutions to our customers by offering quality products and service at competitive prices.

Major brands we supply

Abro Tapes

Silver Cloth Duct Tape, Aluminium Foil Tape, Insul-foam Tape, Cork Tape, FSK Facing Tape and ASJ Facing Tape

Abro Duct Sealant

Fiber reinforced Water based duct sealant used to seal all types of HVAC systems.


Flexible Duct Connectors, Insulated Flexible Duct Connectors, Insulation Fasteners & Dampers and Flexible Duct.

Aerofoam NBR

Flexible closed cell elastomeric foam suitable for condensation control, thermal insulation and sound absorption.

Aerofoam - XLPE

Cross Linked Closed-cell Polyolefin foam suitable for condensation control, thermal insulation and sound absorption.


Duct Liner, Duct Liner Board, Duct Wrap, Mechanical-Board, Pipe Insulation and Quiet-Liner


Amorim Isolamentos, Thermal Insulation, Acoustic Insulation and Anti Vibration Insulation

Doby Verrolec

Ductwork Components Elite Flange Duct Jointing System


Tite-Fit Caoting, Sealfas Coating, Safetee Duct Sealant, S M Adhesive, Stic-safe Adhesive Asbestos-Free, Spark-Fas Adhesive and Stic-Fas Adhesive

Gulf Grilles Co

Ceiling Diffuser, Disc Valve, Door Grille, Duct Accessories, Eyeball Diffuser, Fire & smoke Damper, Gravity Shutters, Jet Diffuser and More..


Duct Flange (Profile) Gasket, Insulation Gasket


RPR Metal Jacketing Specialist – Aluminium Roll Jacketing

RH Profile

Aluminum Jacketing is manufactured using alloy that conform to ASTM B-209;

Saudi Rock Wool

Panel Board Insulation, Blanket Insulation Wire Mesh, Un-Faced & Alu, Faced…

Pipe Support and Filters

Complete Pipe Support Systems

✔ Pipe Clamps With & Without Rubber Lining (Galv.)
✔ Swivel Band Hanger, Galv.
✔ Clevis Hanger With & Without Rubber Lining (Galv.)
✔ Riser Clamps Galvanized
✔ Threaded Rods, Nut, Washer & Gl Bolts
✔ G-Clamps, Beam Clamps (Galv.) & Roller Pipe Supports
✔ Rubber Inserts
✔ Yellow Strip, Metal Clip
✔ Canvas Cloth
✔ Slotted channels, Smoke emitters

All Types Air Filters

✔ Hepa Filters
✔ Aluminum Filters
✔ Bag Filters
✔ Kitchen Range Hood Filters
✔ Pleated Filters
✔ Panel Filters